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The Beauty Of France In My Own Front Yard

The Beauty Of France In My Own Front Yard

I left my home in France 3 years ago to move to the United States for work reasons. Ever since I left, I have not stopped longing for my old French life. The culture, food, and history—how could I not miss it all? On any given day, I could sit outside or at home with my friends or visit one of the country’s numerous outdoor attractions: France’s most symbolic monument, the Eiffel Tower (which I climbed to catch an exhilarating view of the city); the Louvre Museum, which holds some of the world’s greatest artworks like Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci and Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese; or the royal residence designated as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Palace of Versailles. 

The beauty of France is so spectacular that it seeps into everything, even the appearances of the homes. Home gardens and lawn designs are quite beautiful. A memory of my visit to the royal gardens of Louis XV at Trianon I convinced me to start thinking of installing my own artificial grass. Historically, well-kept lawns were a symbol of affluence among the elites of French society, so having one was not simply a matter of home improvement, but of tapping into a long and rich history.

Photo of Eiffel Tower

I decided to upgrade my lawn by installing artificial turf.

I highly recommend hiring a professional service to install your artificial lawn. Grass installation requires specific equipment and expertise to achieve a level and durable lawn. The contractor will start by digging to remove the grass from your existing lawn. Then, they will use a professional turf cutter to prepare the site for the next stage. Installing a commercial grade weed membrane will prevent weeds from growing through the lawn. Some companies install compact stone, as it provides a solid base for the new lawn and adequate drainage as well. Granulated granite is leveled and compacted, allowing for a more stable foundation, and thus a longer-lasting lawn. 

The most important part is the laying of the green grass. It is cut to size, each tile laid closely and joined tightly. This creates seamless coverage. An infill may also be used when laying the grass so that the pattern of the lawn looks real. This is followed by motorized brushing of the infill so the grass can stand upright and look like real grass. Finally, the newly installed artificial grass is washed to remove any site debris, and a final quality check is conducted.

I could not be happier with my new lawn. If it can’t be France, at least I can have my own beautiful garden. NoMow Turf is a professional artificial grass installation company that has saved me so much time and energy. When I look out onto my lawn every morning, I feel like the royal highness of my own Palace of Versailles. If you are interested in transforming yours, you can give NoMow Turf a call today.

NoMow Turf, Inc. – Synthetic Lawns & Putting Greens
26674 Vista Terrace, Lake Forest, CA 92630

How I Filed A Claim: Car Accident Insurance

How I Filed A Claim: Car Accident Insurance

I moved to the United States about a year ago. Not long after, I became the victim of a car accident that opened my eyes to the American insurance system. Until then, I had a pretty vague idea of how the auto insurance system worked. I gained more knowledge pretty quickly, which helped salvage this incident. And here’s a little summary of what happened.

It all started on one Tuesday evening after dark, when the rain had just finished falling. In fact, it had been raining all week. I was returning home from the grocery store and by now, the road was pretty slippery, so I had to be pretty careful. I cautiously navigated through a section of the road, and then I heard a bang! My car jerked about 50 yards forward with speed. By the time I regained control, I was drifting into an empty grazing field.

I managed to bring the vehicle to a halt by the side of the road. I was quite shaken. The next thing I did was check myself for any injuries; I had a scratch on my arm which was nothing. I checked to see the damage done to the car’s rear; the bumper, the trunk, and the rear window were badly damaged. I was lucky it wasn’t any worse. I then got out of my car and walked over angrily. As it turned out, I had been hit by a young lady in her mid-20s. Her front bumper and lights were done. Fortunately, she was okay. 

The next thing I did was call the police to explain the situation as clearly as I could. An officer was sent over to make sure we were both fine. I felt slightly disoriented. I was taken care of and dropped off at home.

The first thing to do when filing a claim after an auto accident is to capture and supply thorough information about the accident to the insurance company to start the claims process. This includes details regarding the accident such as date and location; the extent of injuries and damage to the parties and vehicles; road signs and the sides of the road of each driver; the number of passengers, how the accident happened, the other driver’s insurance information, name of the police department, and police report number.

The officer had filed a report at the scene, which he explained would be necessary for insurance claims. Filling a compensation claim was pretty straightforward, as I had found the Best Insurance Agent in Marina Del Ray. The claim was filed after a few days. They worked with me to accurately evaluate the claim and complete it as quickly as possible.

Some states considered ”no-fault” states will let your insurance cover for up to a specific limit for injury, car damage, and related claims. This will apply to the other driver as well. I hadn’t even thought of that. Even though it’s considered illegal in all states to drive without a specific amount of insurance, some people still do it.

Close-Up Photo Of Car Rims

It is risky to drive without car insurance in a state that requires it, as you’ll pay for your medical expenses and damage and for the other driver’s injuries and damages if you are at fault. You could also be sued by the other party, issued a ticket, face jail time, and face future problems getting affordable insurance rates when you eventually shop for a policy.

If you are in need of insurance coverage, give Byron Galindo a call today:

Byron Galindo – State Farm Insurance Agent
214 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

When Love Crumbles, Consider Mediation

When Love Crumbles, Consider Mediation

In Paris, France, there once was a famous bridge, known as the “Love Lock Bridge”. Couples from all over the world would visit the bridge to attach their locks, along with a note, symbolizing their marriage and love as eternal. This practice is said to have started in Rome, Italy in 2006, and to have made its way to Paris in 2008. However, as it became more popular, the weight of more and more locks being attached to the bridge was beginning to cause serious problems. CNN reported that the weight of the locks was equivalent to 20 elephants!

Similar to this once famous bridge, my marriage to my then-soulmate was once sealed and fated to be locked and everlasting—or so it seemed. Over the years, it seemed more and more like my spouse didn’t want to be married anymore. I thought I had done everything I could as a husband and spouse, but she seemed to be dissatisfied with marriage nonetheless. Not to mention that I not only treated her with kindness and respect, but I had also given her a very comfortable life. My ex-wife was a stay-at-home socialite who spent my money lavishly. I worked in investment banking for fifteen years, and it broke my heart to come home every night, after an exhaustingly stressful day at work, to a wife who didn’t seem to care for my presence. There was no excitement, no intimacy—just the seemingly unbearable weight of being married. Eventually, it apparently crumbled on her, and she decided to leave me.

Plant On A Balcony

Now, I should mention I do not write in order to merely air out my dirty laundry out on a cyber balcony. What I mean to express is that marriage is hard. And if you, despite your best efforts, have been unable to save yours, then perhaps it is time to walk away. The love locks on the Paris bridge were eventually removed in 2015, as the weight of the locks were no longer sustainable. Such is the metaphor of love and life: when a marriage has become unhealthy, it is time for the couple to consider divorce.

Think about all of the joint assets, liabilities, and properties between you and your spouse. If you have been married for many years, this can be complicated. According to family experts in Orange County Law, divorce is a roller coaster of uncontrolled emotions. If you find yourself falling out of love with someone, how should you proceed? Of course, there is always the option of litigating in divorce court: hire a lawyer, spend an average of “$15,000-$20,000 per person”, and leave your fate up to a judge.

Or, you could mediate. In Orange County, family law mediator Colleen McNamee has been hailed as “the divorce whisperer”, helping couples navigate through legal separation on amicable and mutually respectful terms. Mediation takes place through a neutral third party, rather than in court. It is thought to be a healthier option for everyone involved, especially for couples with children.

If you are looking to remove your locks of love and start a new chapter in life, you can give McNamee Mediations a call:

McNamee Mediations
4590 MacArthur Blvd Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660

A New Office For My Writing Endeavour

A New Office For My Writing Endeavour

I remember how my life seemed to fall apart during my divorce with the love of my life. Everything—from getting dressed in the morning to finding happiness again—seemed impossible. I could not believe that my soulmate decided that she was to spend the rest of her life with another man. I could not believe that everything we had overcome and built together meant nothing to her—that she had thrown it all away for some young, twenty-something starving artist she had met one afternoon at a cafe. She told me that she loved that he didn’t work in a “stuffy corporate” office like I did.

After the dust had settled and our separation was finalized, I realized that she had really had left me—she wasn’t coming back. As I came to terms with the fact that my hopes and dreams with her would never come to pass, I realized it was also time for me to move on, and to not look back.

As my long-time readers will already know, I packed everything into a suitcase, bought a one way ticket to California, and have been slowly mending my heart ever since. It’s been a slow and painful process, but I am beginning to see the light. This morning, I woke up and sat down at my writing desk to journal for an hour, as I normally do, and began to ponder what it is that I really want to now do with my life.

The divorce shattered my heart, but it gave my bank account some much-needed reprieve. Again, I’m not sure why she ran off with that starving artist, or why she disapproved of my job, because during our marriage, I was the only one earning an income. My lucrative investment banking career allowed me to fund her expensive tastes in fashion, restaurants, and theatre.

I personally had no interest in that lifestyle. All I have ever needed to be happy is a good book, along with a pen and some paper. As I sat at my desk looking out the window, I realized, that working in investment banking to appease my then-wife had obscured what I have really wanted all along: to be a writer.

Used Red Coffee Cup and Saucer

I had spent so many years suppressing my creativity, but now, I finally had the freedom to follow my heart. As I looked around, I realized that my office wasn’t really an office—it was a bachelor’s man cave with a tiny nook by the window, carved out for my small writing desk.

I wondered if I could transform my space into a creative oasis, to bring out the writer in me. I went online to look for office furniture, and came across a supplier and studio, Creative Office Design. They carry inventory of all sorts: desks, chairs, cabinets, bookcases, new cubicles, and anything you can think of when it comes to your LA furniture needs.

Upon visiting their showroom, I was greeted by a kind and knowledgable design expert, who helped me select the best desk and chair for my new writing office. If you are looking to transform your existing space into an office that inspires you, you can give them a call.

Creative Office Design
5230 Pacific Concourse Dr #105, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States

One Less Memory

I woke up the other morning with the worst pain I have experienced since my divorce. However, this wasn’t the emotional pain of heartbreak, this was physical pain. Every part of my body was sore from mowing the lawn. I could not believe it.

If you had heard me screaming while I was trying to get out of bed, you would have had to pardon my french. I did not want to think about mowing my lawn ever again. As I finally stood up, I had a sudden flashback to a time when life was much less painful.

White Wooden 2-storey House Near Tree

I remembered the life we once shared, and how we used to spend all of our days together at our beautiful manor in France. Back then, we had housekeepers and gardeners. We didn’t have a care in the world. It was bliss.

Of course, that was all shattered when she decided on divorcing me and taking mostly everything we shared. When I moved to the United States, I wanted to start over in a new country, on a blank slate. But I never wanted to leave behind memories of my home country France. I was very lucky to find a house that reminded me of the manor. It has a big beautiful lawn, just like my previous manor. That said, over time I have grown weary of the upkeep, as I do not have housekeepers and gardeners anymore. Starting over in life has been a very humbling experience. While I would love to hire someone to do the lawn-mowing for me, I haven’t been able to afford it.

After I finished reminiscing in misery, I suddenly came to the recollection of having overheard someone at the local cafe saying something about artificial grass and being quite pleased with the results of their installation. I hobbled over to my laptop to see what that was all about. I was quite intrigued by the idea of it: grass that does not require mowing and a lawn that looks green and beautiful year round. This had to be it! This had to be the solution and the end of my struggles. Upon further research, it turns out that I am not alone in my dislike for lawn-mowing; many homeowners seem to be choosing artificial turf over real grass.

I came across a company called NoMow Turf, Inc., and I was quite impressed by the photos of their work. But being the skeptic that I am, I had plenty of detailed questions to ask them about artificial grass and the process of installation. They very patiently answered all of my questions to my satisfaction, and I decided to book an appointment right away.

Alas, I am very happy report that I have a brand new lawn and that my body has fully recovered from the soreness. Now that I won’t have to physically take care of my lawn every two weeks, I shall now have one less painful memory of France to think about. This shall be a new era of a new kind of bliss.

NoMow Turf, Inc. – Synthetic Lawns & Putting Greens
26674 Vista Terrace, Lake Forest, CA 92630, United States

Pastries For a Broken Heart

Ten years ago, I fell in love with the love of my life. We built a beautiful life together for which I am grateful. However, that chapter has come to an end.

We are no longer married, and I am no longer living in France. I find myself wondering if I’d ever be able to live there again. I don’t know if I will be able to walk through the streets without thinking of her and the devastating divorce we went through. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to our favorite patisserie without reminiscing about all the beautiful moments we will no longer share together.

My heart is completely shattered and I am unable to find peace with the past or contemplate certainty about the future. All I know is that I still love her and that I miss waking up with her in beautiful Bordeaux. I have left behind everything I loved in France, from people to pastries. My favorite pastry is the paris-brest. It is a decadent cream sandwiched in a perfectly light and delicate pastry. If I was still living in France I would probably be eating one of these per day as comfort.

Unfortunately, staying put didn’t seem like the easiest option. I lost my home in the divorce. Although I could have looked for a new house there, I moved to the U.S. to leave my comfort zone instead of retreating into sorrow. New beginnings are usually pretty exciting, but not after something you cherished and committed to for a decade falls apart. Even though it was my choice to leave France and move here, I feel like I lost my entire life as a result of this divorce. I am rebuilding my life and rediscovering my purpose, all from scratch. 

When I told her that I didn’t want either of us to be angry, she apparently took that as a challenge to see who would the winner-takes-all. I hoped, nearly begged, for amicable separation and what I got in return was what felt like vengeance against the fact that we found ourselves in a partnership that was simply not meant to last. I had come to terms with the fact that our incompatibility wasn’t the fault of either one of us, but she seemed to think that the failure of our marriage was my fault. After a seemingly endless amount of back-and-forth, I realized that prolonging the process was only going to hurt me even more. So I let her win. I didn’t want to win any argument, and I didn’t want to keep anything she felt entitled to. 

It wasn’t until I moved here that I learned about divorce mediation. If we had chosen that option instead, everything would have been less painful to endure, and we might have avoided the escalating arguments during the proceedings. If I ever get married again, and God forbid, end up in another divorce, I will certainly choose the route of hiring a divorce mediator.

As I’ve been grieving my marriage which has ended, I have come across an established mediator. I am including their information below for anyone who wishes to explore this option. McNamee Mediations would be my first call.

McNamee Mediations
4590 MacArthur Blvd Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA