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Are People Around the World Becoming Less Dedicated to Love?

It is no secret that the divorce rate in the United States has been steadily climbing for a long time now. On my travels, I like to observe as much as I can to see why this might be the case. What is making people abandon the promise of “til death do us part”? Is the ever increasing polarization of political standpoints? Perhaps the decline in the practice of religion has something to do with that? Perhaps the stress and anxiety that American news always seems to spout is keeping people from ever really feeling happy so everyone ends up blaming their partners for their unhappiness and discomfort. I haven’t spent enough time in the US to really make a determination myself. All that I do know is that France, per usual is doing better at not abandoning such promises. In fact, France is one of the countries with lower divorce rates than a lot of Europe. Yes yes it is true that much less of us decide to get married. Common, this is France, the land of love and lust. It’s hard to think to limit down all your love to only one person. We are just smart enough not kid ourselves by trying marriage out in the first place.

While we have fewer people that get married, the percentage that does has historically had lower amounts of divorce rates until recently. Apparently over the last decade, our divorce rates have gone up by 40%! I suppose this falls in line with the global trend of higher divorce rates. While this number seems alarming, it still keeps France well behind the leaders of divorce around the world. Regardless, France should have the best remedies for this increase in numbers.

A universal constant is that lawyers are expensive. While they are necessary for many things to be solidified in the legal system, no one really likes having to pay their large fees. When a married couple gets divorced, things are no different. The attorney fees from both parties end up amounting to a ton of money. So how can France figure out a solution that will keep it ahead of the rest of the world in the category of being better at figuring things out? Well, what country would have the best remedies for such issues? The ones with the highest divorce rates. The good old US of A. After doing a ton of research into what parts of the United States has the worst divorce rates, I am happy to inform you that Orange County is up among the top. Yes, the one place so many claim to be the most beautiful in the world for both their beaches but also their people can’t seem to keep a marriage going. That’s what they get for making such claims. Everyone knows that France has the most beautiful places and the most beautiful…. structures in the world. Anyways, since they have such high divorce rates, someone has thought up a remedy that circumvents lawyers and their fees. Mediation! For a fee much less than the combined fees of attorneys from both sides of a divorce, you and your soon to be ex can meet with a divorce mediator and work out who gets what and how. Once its all settled, the mediator can file all the paperwork.

Now I have no idea how couples in Orange County that are falling a part can agree to both see the same mediator but I do know that if we have something like that here, our soon be ex’s would be much more open to the idea of using a divorce mediator to ends things cordially. So while I hate to admit that the US does anything better than France, the family law mediators in Orange County seem to know what they are doing. I’m honestly kind of happy that we aren’t the best at it. It would mean we had a problem with marriage as big as the US. PSshhh. Yes we are taking something from another country and using it for our own benefit. Consider it a fraction of the repayment for French Fries US. You are still welcome.

Here’s an example of a divorce mediator that knows what she is doing when it comes to family law mediation. I’m sure all of France would be happy to have her.

A mountain home is a mounted tome

Sprawling mountains are hard to appreciate through a distracted worldview. When the world is flat, what is a mountain if not a spike or valley in a graph. A honeycomb is not built into a hive by an individualist bee that wants the biggest chunk of honey for itself. Self-interest does not necessarily build monoliths that stand for generations. Amazingly so, it takes a collectivist push to make something monumental. The American opus cries foul pointing to some of the great thinkers and innovators and industrialist titans that brand their names into history books. The oddities stand out and mutation at the micro or macro are what bring about mass change. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about nature is its ability to pull in such randomly moving and needlessly antsy creatures as humans to settle in obscure places. I say obscure because there is nothing truly objective that makes Laguna Beach any more or less beautiful than Davenport or Everest or Beijing. A place is just a place yet humans have such a capacity for comfort and self acknowledging (or self loathing) desire that they assign extremely specific – albeit arbitrary – numerical values to different corners of this vast and beautiful planet. Perhaps just to satiate some need for variety, the mountains have been labeled as particularly desirable by city folk wishing to escape geometrically flush concrete caves. The mountains surrounding Colorado are considered by some humans to be the most beautiful mountains in the United States and historical figures have agreed. Living in Summit County is something like living in the pit of an old opera. The music – like the scenery – rarely changes but that consistency creates a deep and abiding comfort, pulling crowds night after decade after generation. Beautiful homes adorn the region by modern architectural standards. Local fauna may disagree with the aesthetic but perhaps the most praiseworthy characteristic of Summit County is its limited spread. It does not clamor over the top of everything in its path for the sake of industry. Certainly cities displace some of the natural order but one gets the feeling when visiting Keystone CO that the city is a guest in an expansive and brilliant mountainside. It is fortunate that the giant spinning carnival wheel of prizes (prices) landed on a high number for much of Silverthorne and Keystone, lest the mountains would be seen as a nuisance to parking and commerce. It is truly unfortunate that bogs have received such a bad reputation amongst the upright walking apes for they harbor so much more life than coniferous forests. Yet coniferous forests get the nod of national part protection and bogs get the cement truck. While it is still possible to enjoy spacious nature, take the time to visit Summit County.


Fall in love with the place that remembers we are humans living on a gorgeous planet. Sure a mountain scape is just as arbitrary to worship as a salty ocean but regardless of the reason, find the time to exist in a natural space without the pressures of individual achievement. If you are lucky, there may even be a space just for you in a dwelling right in our price range.

From ‘Just Looking’ to ‘Make the Offer’ in real estate

Close Close Close shake my hand 5 4 3 2 1 now DO IT NOW!

Boy those agents can sure be pushy when their back is against a wall and they have to make a quota before the month is out otherwise they’re stuck with a box of steak knives or a pink slip. You know where the real difference lives? Right in your neighborhood. When you’re going to buy a home you need someone you can trust that is willing to chat with you about the sale rather than throw you some sleezeball pitch and run off to keep clicking his website’s sign up button in hopes others will follow.

Get yourself a real agent who is willing to sell you a home you want to buy rather than the one he wants you to buy. Down in San Clemente, there’s a self-proclaimed celebrity who sells real estate. In San Clemente, real estate prices make a pretty penny in commissions, she just happens to land on some interesting lists from men with bad hairpieces.

There’s a guy down in San Clemente that is one of the last honest agents in real estate

Aloe Real Estate agency yelp review


In general real estate in France is out of your price range, and you’re asking about San Clemente? It’s a much nicer area and it doesn’t always smell of cheese and old strips of canvas. The people are also quite a bit tougher. If you do decide to live in some of the most desirable beach property in the world, San Clemente is waiting. When you’re an important enough community, you wait for no one.

The real sales person waits for the client to be primed and ready to buy. Then offers the sale, rather than demands it. ‘Make the offer’ says the client and this guy is there ready to finish the sale
Aloe Real Estate
158 W Avenida RamonaSan Clemente, CA 92672
(949) 290-1082


Check the site out

New Communities and Old

Being young has the advantage of excuse. At any point in time a young project, community, idea, neighborhood can simply claim ignorance on lack of experience and receive a pass. At what point does youth run out as an excuse? People are a different sort of excuse but in the real estate sphere, how long can a neighborhood or city go on messing up internal affairs blamed on newness? Supporting local business, education, and public safety are pretty much the core functions of any city but in many cases these affairs are pushed by the wayside because he change in landscape is enough to put city planners on their heels, reeling back what they thought they knew of the task only to realize that cities are fundamentally different places, requiring drastically different management solutions.

Take for example, the city of Irvine that was only really grown from strawberries into raspberry pies (comp sci joke) in the early 80s because Silicon Valley got tired of having all the fun. Meanwhile the champions of the industry thrived on turning turnip farms into tech space and innovating on the cheap land in ways that would make river valley civilizations hang their heads for dreaming too small. Swing by many of the older businesses plazas in Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna etc and you’ll realize the running trend is that the infrastructure behind the walls has been swapped and updated several times over as spaces changed hands over and over. In Laguna Niguel for example, the city hardly had a local economy to speak of until real estate developers realized that if they built affordable living, a crowd of support laborers and lower socio-economic townspeople would move in. Their solution was just to build expensive homes. After a predictable dip in 08, Laguna Niguel homes today are worth more including inflation adjustment than they were when they were first built. Few markets can boast such bragadocious claims because few homes are built as well or with as much planning ahead of time. Luckily Laguna Niguel was not a pioneer city like Irvine so it could rest on the tempered confidence of city planners from surrounding, better established cities. The real estate market in some places was the original only reason for them to exist and if we’ve learned anything from the Spanish, it’s not to set up those kind of seed towns hoping for something to germinate – because all it takes is one or two idiots in office to bury the city shovel and all for generations to come.

While novice mistakes do tend to slow the growth, establishment or progress of smaller cities like Laguna, some old communities that are then ported into large, modern metropolitan like Sarasota Florida are forced to adjust their classic ways over to the demands of an ever shifting citizenry. Living within the city limits of Sarasota means recognizing the historical significance of the west coast of Florida but simultaneously keeping up a Los Angeles / Malibu type party vibe so your other vacation home owner neighbors can see both your oxford and FSU sides. Sarasota real estate markets are not quite as evanescent as those of Southern Orange county simply because of its age, niche and reputation but in any case they sure do draw a crowd when spring break hits and youth transition from pseudo-responsible right back to infancy. It’s almost poetic how fitting the gorgeous beaches on Siesta Key draw a crowd representative of the space itself as a piece of real estate. Aged to know better but playing young to get away with stupidity.