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N’est-ce pas: San Diego Drain Cleaning

N’est-ce pas: San Diego Drain Cleaning

It has been many months since my last writings and I must apologize to my loyal readers for this. I have been taking my biannual holidays in tropics of Suriname. As usual, I will not reveal what I do when I travel to dark reaches of rainforest, but I will tell you if you seek hospitality at Madame Chevalier’s in Paramaribo, just mention my name, and you will be taken care of.

I also suffer my usual bout of nausea and depression upon returning to the United States. I get off plane and am immediately assaulted by sight of heifers and their smell working at the customs office in airport. I believe employing such creatures is a form of aggression by United States government against the rest of the world.

After yet another unpleasant car ride with overly chatty Uber driver (never leave tips for these fiends), I finally reached the seclusion of my house on hills in Northern San Diego. Ready to breathe a sigh of relief, I entered my backyard facing the ocean, hoping sounds of crashing waves will soothe the pressure building in my head…and then I see it.

Each drain had a halo of dirt, mud, and detritus surrounding it. The yard I had left so pristine was now a shambles, and the assistant I had assigned to assure it would stay this way would be sorely punished.

First, though, I would need to find out why water was not draining correctly. I opened my address book, hoping to find the plumbing company that had initially installed drains, but realized in my many years of doing business in this joke of a country I had never directly worked with one.

Instead, I called the assistant that had so failed in his duties to upkeep my property and growled over phone that he had better find me the best plumber in the entire city of San Diego to come get to work on my drains, très vite, if he still wanted job in the morning. The company he came up with was California Plumbing, and he had lucked out; they were indeed very good.

The company comes out within days of the initial phone call, which is far better than most contractors you work with today. They were respectful of both my personal boundaries and my property, which is a surprise considering the boorish nature of most American tradesmen. With my drains now satisfactorily draining the water and my assistant serving out his punishment by retiling the surrounding area, I jotted down the contact information for the company. I consider this a very high honor.

Much like the body, drains must be cleansed regularly to ensure the entire system works as it should. For those who value service and speed, it would behoove you to get in contact with a company like California Plumbing, as they impressed even a discerning eye such as my own.

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