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Dream Of Green

Dream Of Green

Bonjour, mon amis. It has been some time since last writing – I have been on the move, yet again. I am hounded and pursued constantly by those that watch and move in darkness…

I recently returned to appraise some stateside properties that assistants have long rented out to tenants I have never seen or spoken to. A site greeted me that I found most distressing – dead, patchy yards!

As some of you remember, I was born in Paris but was raised in Mediterranean southern coast of France. Both California and southern France share a similar climate with hot, dry summer and mild winter. This is one of primary things that drew me to California when I was considering expanding my operations to America.

One major difference that has become quite apparent in the decades since is the unpredictability of California winters. While southern France has very pleasantly wet winters, California is choked, dusty hellworld where fire is more common than rain most years.

Pacific conditions dictate much of the winter weather patterns, with cycles of wet and dry being determined by faraway tropical water conditions. Meanwhile in France, weather is kept stable by isolation of the Mediterranean and the Gulf stream.

Why fixate on this? Because it means landscaping methods I brought from the Riviera, where water is plentiful and gardens flourish, are untenable in this cursed land. I can’t even grow grass the way I want!

This predicament has led me to begin considering alternatives I would have at one time considered unthinkable. Succulents, clover, river stone…and the option I dreaded most as young man, synthetic grass.

When assistants drove me out to make selection, I was fully prepared and expecting to flat-out reject all I saw. I was not prepared to see how much the quality of synthetic turf had improved. Where astroturf was unpleasant to touch, sight and smell strands of green plastic when I was a young man, the modern materials looked and felt far more natural.

I still argued against it for days with assistants out of principles – my office desk is still broken – I allowed them to convince me that it was the right decision for the properties. All that was left was to decide on the installers.

After a cursory search, we settled on the company with the highest reviews on Yelp – NoMow Tow. My assistant seemed very pleased when talking to them over phone, so I can only assume they have the excellent customer service attested to in their testimonial page:

I had reached out to several companies and most would not even take the project because it was such a small area. We see so grateful to have found NoMow Turf and work with Patrick, Sierra, and the guys to help beautify a patch of dying grass we had in the front of the house. We received responses from our initial inquiry very quickly and the booking process was very easy. Great communication, great job well done, and the turf looks like the real deal! Look no further, this is the company you want to work with!

Courtney D.

If you are on the lookout for a southern California artificial grass installer, you could do much worse than NoMow Turf. Give them a call and get rid of the disappointing lawn for good.

NoMow Turf


26774 Vista Terrace, Lake Forest, CA 92630