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If I Must Build In Newport

If I Must Build In Newport

(Note, I’m trying a fancy new style of a meta third person writing, so please bear with me, now on with the post). Jean-Luke, a semi-famous travel blogger, gazed out the window of his Newport Beach hotel. He had just arrived only an hour prior. After one delayed flight, a few over-enthusiastic flight attendants, and a cab driver who had no business having a license, he had gotten to his final destination.

He couldn’t help but think, it was a little ironic that he had settled on writing about travel as his career, when really the only place he wanted to be was home. Home for Jean Luke was in Southern France. All of this made him uniquely qualified for his position in a way. His fans loved his critical articles on the different places he visited.

Currently, he was writing an article on a popular custom home builder in Newport Beach. He was prepared to be unimpressed and write all about it after his meeting with the owner, Jimmy, tomorrow. What an American name Jimmy was, Jean-Luke thought. 

The next morning, he arose, had his coffee and called an Uber. 15 minutes later he was arriving at a custom home built by Jimmy and his team. As he pulled up, he felt something he had never felt before in his heart. It was a positive, warm, feeling he couldn’t quite place. He also noticed the beautiful, double-wide doors. How very French of them, Jean-Luke thought. 

Standing outside the property was a young gentleman wearing work clothes. “Excuse me sir, I am looking for your boss, Jimmy, is he around?” 

“Hmm, I think he might be inside,” the stranger said, with a little twinkle in his eye, as if something he had said was funny. 

Jean-Luke shrugged it off. As they walked inside his breath caught. This was one of the most beautiful houses he had every seen. Not to over the top like a lot of things in America. He walked around with the stranger he had encountered for what felt like hours just admiring the house. The man made a couple attempts at small talk, which Jean Luke coolly shrugged off. He had no intentions of speaking with a nobody today. 

Finally, Jean-Luke broke the silence, “Well your boss is an hour late, so I suppose I’ll be going.” The man shrugged his shoulders and lead Jean-Luke to the door where his Uber was waiting outside. 

“Have a great day sir,” the strange man said to Jean-Luke through the window. “I hope you got enough material for that travel blog of yours,” the man winked. It suddenly dawned on Jean-Luke that must have been Jimmy himself. How else would he have known about the travel blog? The smug writer chuckled to himself on the way back to his hotel. He pulled out his laptop and began to write. 

While nothing can quite compare to the gorgeous architecture in South France, Jimmy and his team take a strong second place. The best way to describe their homes is “high quality”. If you are considering relocating to the Newport Beach area, I would highly recommend Sailhouse for your home needs.

If you’d like to get in contact with Sailhouse you can find them here:

Sailhouse Custom Homes

170 Newport Center Dr Suite 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 281-6044