While Most Places Businesses in France are the Best and Most Beautiful Places in the World, There are Other Places Businesses Worthy of Note

Truly Inspired Real Estate

I want to showcase a number of places all over the world that reflect the true beauty of French influence but none can compare to Southern Orange County. For that reason, I wish to dedicate an entire page to the beauty you will find in the homes of San Clemente and Dana Point.


Let’s look to what San Clemente has to offer.

Stunning Beaches

San Clemente Beaches with beautiful ocean viewWhile I will contend while the day is long that Nice and the beaches off Corsica and Cote d’Azure are the most beautiful in the world, even I have to admit that the beaches in San Clemente are gorgeous. They are certainly crafted to look the way they do and it’s no accident that in Spanish San Clemente means Saint Clementine and Clementines are the chief export of Lyon in France. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. The Spanish knew French influence when they saw it and thus the beaches in San Clemente can exclusively thank France for their beauty.


Master Crafted Homes and Neatly Groomed Communities

Breathe deeply  Рnot as deep as you would in France Рbut fill your lungs because the air in San Clemente is as close to France as it gets and the real estate in the area, despite being more expensive, is quite a lovely reflection of the generations of French influence on the continent. Sure only a very small strata of the population in Dana Point is French but those of us who remain make every Franco-Californian adjustment we can. We even boycott La Boulange pastries because of their non-authenticity; I digress. The french classical, romantic and neo-classical periods forever shifted the landscape of the artistic world. Architecture was certainly heavily altered by the baroque, gothic, and modern movements but the french additions to each of those transformative steps were the most substantial bits.

Accordingly, if you look at San Clemente real estate selling today, you’ll notice homes littered with french architectural deisgn elements. Those shallowed clay roofs, the stucco contrasted with wrought iron fenced balconies and the thick storm-framed windows – all ¬†inspired by French culture and design. I dare you to find a home in San Clemente, Dana Point or any of the surrounding areas that isn’t at least some way reflective of the French eye. I cannot applaud enough the architects and master planners in San Clemente for taking aim at the perfection of Paris and landing somewhere on the Mediterranean shores.

San Clemente real estate selling today