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Improving the Workspace One Desk at A Time

So here we are again, tackling another topic in everyone’s day to day life where France does it better than just about everyone else. Your job. For some, they find what they love doing and get paid for it. Luck them! For the rest of us, we get a job we think is good and grind through the day to ensure we keep getting those pay checks in order to facilitate general living and hopefully some fun. The work grind can be bearable enough but the longer you grind, the less happy you become. There is only so much of a thing we tolerate that we can keep doing. Eventually tolerance runs out and grumpy and unhappy people become the product of their workplace. France has seen this as a problem and decided to do something about it. ‘Life is balance’ seemed to be the motto in use when France implemented a change to what it meant to work a full time work week. What was 39 hours as the minimum requirement is now 35 hours a week, effectively freeing up an additional 4 hours a week for personal time for full time workers. Here is what businessculture.org had to say about it:

“A law to reduce the statutory working week in France from 39 hours to 35 hours was introduced in 2000, for companies with more than 20 employees and, in 2002, for companies with 20 employees or fewer. Studies by the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggest that France is below the OECD average when it comes to hours worked and consequently French employees have above average leisure time on an average day. Approximately 15 hours per day are dedicated to personal care and leisure (eating, sleeping, etc).

With regard to a reduction in working time, one of the recommendations from France’s National Economic Planning Agency, was that working time should be in line with other demands on time, generated by people’s social and private lives. In this respect, the 35-hour working week appears to be having an impact. An evaluation report submitted by the government shows that the reduction in working time has generally affected employees positively, in terms of both their work and home lives.”

Boom. France does it again leading the way into a brighter future for its citizens by making sure their lives can remain balanced.Whats America doing you ask? Well I am glad you did seeing as I always enjoy making the comparison. The US isn’t anywhere close to making the revolutionary movements in the workplace that France is but they are making improvements that I simply can not ignore. Many new US companies are creating work space environments that help people feel more happy while they are at work. So even though the US is not reducing time are work, companies are taking it into their own hands to create a culture at work that feels good to be at regardless of the menial job that may be required there. So how are they doing this? Well they are turning to office furniture companies that are supplying the necessary furniture and designs that make people comfortable, happy, and productive. We can look at an office furniture company in Orange County that is doing just this! They are called Creative Office Design and they make sure they help their customers from design to delivery. Are you looking to update your office in the US so your overworked employees might feel a little better about working there? These are your guys! Wouldn’t you want your office to look like this:

I know I would. Id feel all important I think. Oh wait, I already do because my country takes care of me. But, if I were to work in the US, I would want to work for a company that was supplied by these guys. If your in town, stop by their showroom to see what I am talking about! That’s all for now. Until next time, don’t ever forget… Viva La France!