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A Brief Hiccup

A Brief Hiccup

You should know that I can’t stay in one place very long. A wandering French soul can simply not be tied down to any one place. Can you guess where I went this time? Yup, you probably got it: the United States. Don’t get me wrong, France is my home. French architecture, food, and the people are perfect. But, the United States has such a variety of life that I can’t help but visit back again. There’s always something new to try or taste. 

The plan was to arrive in New York and stay there for a few days. Then, I wanted to go on a bit of a Midwestern stretch and bounce between a few states of Middle America. While France is perhaps the most popular for its cities and people (Paris, anyone?), the plains of the United States are such a stark contrast from what I’m used to. The sky is so open. You feel like you could be swallowed whole by the blue.

But as I said, this story starts in New York. I wish this article could be about one of my more fun adventures, but I just have to tell you what happened. I got caught up by security at an airport. Sound familiar? Sound like the issue I had in SoCal? Yeah.

A particularly meticulous airport agent noticed that there was a spelling error on my paperwork and wouldn’t let me go through. The spelling error gave the airport security a red flag, and I was forced to miss my flight. They sent me to a plain, gray room where I was “interrogated” about my reason to be in the United States and why my name was spelled differently on two different documents. The explanation of human error didn’t seem to be good enough for them.

But, I remembered the time I was taken in by the police after Disneyland. At the time, it took a bit of searching, but I managed to find someone. There was an excellent immigration lawyer in Orange County, and it’s a good thing I saved their phone number. I immediately called K. Nair Law Group and explained who I was. They were sympathetic and gathered my information quickly. 

It took a little back and forth between Ms. Nair and the security chief, but before I knew it, I was set free and compensated for my missed flight. Thank goodness! I hopped on my new flight immediately. I intended to visit South Dakota after some lovely people in Montana recommended the Badlands to me. The striped canyons were so beautiful. And huge. It reminded me of how small I am in the world. It can be easy to forget.

This was a trip that I’m sure I’ll never forget. I can never thank K. Nair Law Group for being so kind and fast. Because they handled the issue so well, what was originally a big ordeal turned into just a little blip on the timeline of my trip. Now, whenever I have friends who visit the United States, especially Southern California, I give them Kiran Nair’s phone number. It feels reassuring to have someone’s phone number in your back pocket. Especially one who cares.

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