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Offensive Assault of Modern Office Furnishings

This is Pierre, reporting from personal yacht in Mediterranean Sea, absorbing power from ancient waters to cleanse myself from the toxic energies shot at me while taking most recent tour of business partner’s establishment.

I come here every so often when heaviness of modern life becomes too much of burden for my soul, when my great bulging shoulders sag under weight of drudgery. The sparkling turquoise of the sea and shimmering waves of heat emanating off brilliant white sand fills up the crevices of my soul! While on beach, the wind sometimes carries with it whispers of ancient secrets long forgotten…

Where did these toxic energies come from, you may ask? Well, let Pierre tell you. Ugly, terribly mismanaged office space filled to brim with the most inhuman, least aesthetic furniture and décor you can imagine! It was like they placed each cold metallic chair, each schoolmarm-designed desk in places to spite me, to spit on my face!

It was like Pierre was being bombarded on all sides with a nefarious cosmic energy, mocked by laughing daemon with flames for eyes! Within minutes I knew I must escape this place, less the daemon entrap my mind and meld it into something common, and boring! I fled, letting them know that our business dealings were over.

In short, I was mad! So angry! How can you treat me, Pierre, like that, insulting my aesthetic mind with such a bleak reminder of the grinding toil that takes place in your workspace? More importantly, how could you treat employee like they were irksome beast of burden, giving them furniture not fit for most obstinate donkey?

It is here that I will give this business, and any business like it, opportunity to correct its heinous transgressions and once again strive towards greatness. The first step is to buy better office pieces, so employee no longer feels like office space drone, but valued individual.

I recommend these offices look into such place as Creative Office Design, with its vast array of pleasing furniture. It even has options for cost-minded business owners, with such offerings as used cubicles and cubicle furniture for Los Angeles-based businesses. Minimalist designs with ample room given for real people to sit and pour mental energy into their work, Creative Office Design’s furniture sets are made to ensure that your employees are not just comfortable, but also have the greatest chance for success.

No longer will those like myself who strive for something big – something great! – deign to walk in to office that looks like it was designed by blind goat. We need place of power, to rejuvenate our souls and help lead us and our employees towards the path of success, honor and virtue! Pierre’s employees will not have to sit miserably in uncomfortable and middling modern office environment, their place of work will be imbued with the same resonance that comes from the waves that he now sits!

If you are interested in creating such a place, make sure to give Creative Office Design’s catalogue a look:

Creative Office Design


5230 Pacific Concourse Drive, Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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