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The Curse

The Curse

It is 4:30 in the morning, with first lightening of sky off in the east, behind mountains. I sit here, sipping fourth coffee since midnight, cigarette in hand, listening to Rachmaninoff Prelude in C Sharp Minor, staring at wall, oftentimes slipping into mindless stupor.

I am cursed. Many times along my many travels, I believe I have run into powerful and vindictive WITCH, many of whom I have angered after tumultuous TRYST.

I take drag on cigarette, but as I breathe in I can once again hear it – the scurrying, the scratching of tiny legs walking within walls, of tiny mandibles chewing up structure of house. Chewing until it all comes crashing down on my head, my body only being discovered days later in rubble having choked to death on shoddy American fiberglass insulation.

I am being hounded by witch’s curse, is only explanation. Curse of pestilence, of beasts following me and burrowing into house and enterprise. Yes, once again my property has become infested, but this time it is no office space – it is my home. I have not slept in many days.

I think back now, on the many women, their faces invade thoughts unbidden, the snakelike and reptilian among them revealing themselves now to be nefarious and capable of black magic. The walls…I have blown holes in many of them with firearms, but through them I can see the pests, and they laugh at me.

My assistants have tried to come many times to break me from my stupor, to tell me termite inspectors are on the way…but I know they are in on it. They cannot fool me with their promises of a quick tenting…though the thought of eliminating more of these beasts pleases me greatly.

The name they mentioned…Grand Oaks Termite Control…in my more lucid moments I looked them up. They come highly recommended, as their Yelp reviews can attest;

I highly recommended Grand Oaks Termite Control.  I had an unusual situation where there were many areas of my wood paneling and roof that were affected by termites and wood rot. I have a decorative tree growing through the front part of my home which makes it very difficult to treat without damaging the tree. When Jason came for the preliminary inspection, he knew exactly how to effectively treat my home without harming my favorite tree. His estimate was very reasonable and his communication was top notch. He kept me appraised of all the curve balls and never stuck me with any unexpected cost. I was very impressed with the workmanship of his teammate Gary who took care of all the woodwork, a true craftsman.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Grand Oaks without any hesitation.

John B., Yelp Review

I was impressed with Grand Oaks Termite Control throughout the entire process of working with them.  I requested a quote and asked a question through yelp and they immediately answered.  I was able to schedule a free inspection shortly after.  When Justin and Gary came to inspect my house, they were kind and courteous.  I was ready to provide them shoe coverings and lay out an old sheet  over my newly cleaned carpet, but they already had all that covered.  They gave an honest and thorough inspection and answered any questions we had.  They ended up treating our home for subterranean termites, and also did some localized treatments and wood repair.  They extremely take pride in their work and did not rush at any moment of the process.  What you get with this company is quality of work and great customer service.  I would 100% use this company again in the future and recommend to anyone who needs termite work done.

Janine D., Yelp Review

If they can destroy this most recent manifestation of the curse, I may be temporarily reprieved. Though, I know, the pestilence will return…to truly be rid of this curse, I must find the one who set it upon me…I must prepare.

If you are looking for termite treatment for your home, give Grand Oaks Termite Control a call. They may be able to help you break free of your own curse of pestilence:

Grand Oaks Termite Control


110 S Worthy Dr, Glendora, CA 91741

Return Of The Six-Legged Menace

Return Of The Six-Legged Menace

Bonjour mon amis and welcome back to my great exhortation to Dionysus, god of wine, fertility, and madness. I am not supposed to tell you this, but I have just returned from trip to Greece and Ionia, where followers of Dionysian Mysteries still reside, and spirit of old Greek gods may still be accessed if you know where to look…

But my head, it is still fogged by the revelries and wine, so I speak too much and too plainly. The mysteries may only be revealed to those who partake in the ritualistic madness that the god is associated with, so maybe it is not so good an idea to spread these talks.

Upon returning, it was revealed that, once again my commercial enterprises have been beset by a plague of the infuriating six legged BEASTS that seem to crawl under every inch of this besotted land! It is as if they await my departure before nesting in my property, as the devils know that my sharp eyes would catch them even in dead of night.

The madness of the festivities could never match the red hot FURY that overcame me at learning of this most recent affront. I smashed my desk with my bare hands as the assistants fled for safety. They know that my passion cannot be contained, and so they retreat to the designated safe room and listen to my animalistic howling and the sounds my great and powerful CHIMPING OUT.

Once calmed and coaxed out of freshly destroyed office with fine Turkish coffee and promises of eternal fealty, I began process of rebuilding. I have separate storage space for replacement furnishings for those destroyed during moments of Dionysian-inspired passion, but the termite problem would require outside help.

For this I once again turned to my great friends at Grand Oaks Termite Control, who I have called many times since my move to western coast. There was a time where they did not return my phone calls after seeing one such fit of godly rage, but my fine subordinates were able to sooth their scarred employees as well. There is reason I continue to bear my employees’ normally insufferable American natures – I only hire the best of their kind.

After a brief inspection, they assured me that the infestation was light and could be easily taken care of without need to change my normal operations. This news overjoyed me – the recent trip had devastated not just my body and soul, but my finances as well.

Within the week, my friends had cleared out the menace and the energy of the office immediately became once again uplifting, the clouds over my head evaporated, letting the sun shine on me and produce vitality and strengthen muscles. My employees visibly relaxed, and the alert status posted at front door was turned down once again to normal level of merely ‘elevated’ rather than ‘imminent’.

If you are like me and are in desperate need of termite infestation control in Pasadena and surrounding areas, give my friends at Grand Oaks a call. Do not mention my name.

Grand Oaks Termite Control

(626) 538-4156

110 S Worthy Dr Glendora, CA 91741

A Refusal To Surrender

I sit in small park that contains remnants of the old Chateau de Roissey-en-France in contemplative mood. I await my flight out of CDG, heading back to what is regretfully becoming my second home in America. The arch, all that is left of grand castle that once rose proudly out of ombre du Paris, carries with it in its own shadow memories of even older secret societies. Societies of which I, Pierre, once belonged.

Thinking of them conjures images of strange and enticing rituals, the strange smell of exotic incense burning as we clothe ourselves in animal skins. We emerge from behind luxurious curtains of bright colored silks, raising chalices of intoxicating liquids and howl towards moon like beasts.

Another, more pedestrian howl, one of airplane coming in for landing, breaks me from this reminiscence and reminds me of how ordinary life has become. Much has changed in the decades since, and now I find myself having to deal with loudmouthed boors from across the sea far too regularly. Even now they call for my help in solving simple problem of pest eating wood in wall of one of my many stateside holdings. They have tried everything, they say, for months, they say.

One of many things the baboonish people of the Americas have been wrong about for decades was the character of the Frenchman; they call us, the ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’. In reality, the Frenchman has a soul of deep, burning desire for violence against his enemies, with an equal burning desire for love towards his friends, lovers, and preferred local fromagiers. 

A powerful and invigorating battle is something every Frenchman secretly desires, and I have set my mind to making economic war against such arrogance as displayed by the Americans. First, I must rid my establishment’s walls of this crawling menace. In this, I refuse to surrender one more bite of sawdust to these red headed abominations!

For this task, I turned to Google to search for local pest control companies that had names as powerful as my visions of conquest in this land of paupers; it lead me to Grand Oaks Termite Control. The word ‘grand’ would have to do. As I entered the airport, I directed my secretary in the states to set up the appointment, as I planned to get uproariously drunk before boarding my plane and would have no time.

By the time I stepped off my second plane (I was kicked off the first), the appointment for inspections had already been made and carried out. A full invasion had been carried out by the little monsters, and we would need to burn and salt the earth to ensure their defeat. The Americans assured me that burning down the property was not actually necessary, but I will believe them when they have finished tenting the building and I personally inspect every wall.

If, like myself, you find yourself in need of full defense against the American termite menace and are looking for a termite treatment in La Verne, give Grand Oaks Termite Control a call. They appear to know what they’re doing, which is more than can be said of my staff:

Grand Oaks Termite Control

(626) 538-4156

110 S Worthy Dr, Glendora, CA 91741

Yet Again, France is a Part of Doing It Best – Building Termite Resistant Structures

What is considered Europe today has been around for a long time. We have had quite some time to get things wrong and then learn from our mistakes. As anyone who reads my forum can probably guess, I believe France has almost always been the best at learning from its few mistakes and then implementing some great solutions to keep any mistakes from recurring. One front that this seems to be the case is building structures that seem to be resistant to most bugs that could destroy it. What do I mean? Well almost everything we build is made from concrete, stone, and steel. All things that keep the bugs out and structures standing strong. Its not wonder that Europe has the lowest variety of termites, the biggest culprit of structure destruction. There really isn’t a whole lot of structures that they can eat! We have become pretty good at repelling pests in general… Yes we learned from the black plague. While you still have rats, they are under control for the most part or at least just as under control as our neighbor across the Atlantic. Yes, I like picking on the US because they are always claiming to be the best at stuff when they aren’t. While I concede that I don’t know who controls their rat population better, I do know we are better at keeping termites at bay. Check the stats!

“Termites are found on all continents except Antarctica. The diversity of termite species is low in North America and Europe (10 species known in Europe and 50 in North America), but is high in South America, where over 400 species are known.[34] Of the 3,000 termite species currently classified, 1,000 are found in Africa, where mounds are extremely abundant in certain regions. Approximately 1.1 million active termite mounds can be found in the northern Kruger National Park alone.[35] In Asia, there are 435 species of termites, which are mainly distributed in China. Within China, termite species are restricted to mild tropical and subtropical habitats south of the Yangtze River.[34] In Australia, all ecological groups of termites (dampwood, drywood, subterranean) are endemic to the country, with over 360 classified species.[34]

If you want to learn more, check it out here.

So yes the US and Europe are the top two at keeping these pests under control but we obviously take the cake! Now that I have backed my concerns with facts, I can give my suggestion. For all my friends that are making the poor choice of living in the US, at least they are living in California. Its bearable because its beautiful but not devoid of termites and right now is the season! If you find yourself in creepy crawly situation out there, I came across a business out that way that seemed to have an answer for me. It was an exterminating business that specialized in termite extermination that was all natural. In Garden Garden, you can find them slaying bugs left and right while also not poisoning the residents of that beautiful place. So, for those people that I do know that live in the area, head my advice and reach out to these guys. They will keep your buildings standing for longer than they would on their own. Just never forget our buildings have been standing for longer and will continue to do so. That’s all for now! My generosity for advice giving is at its end. Until next time, Viva La France!