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The Beauty Of France In My Own Front Yard

The Beauty Of France In My Own Front Yard

I left my home in France 3 years ago to move to the United States for work reasons. Ever since I left, I have not stopped longing for my old French life. The culture, food, and history—how could I not miss it all? On any given day, I could sit outside or at home with my friends or visit one of the country’s numerous outdoor attractions: France’s most symbolic monument, the Eiffel Tower (which I climbed to catch an exhilarating view of the city); the Louvre Museum, which holds some of the world’s greatest artworks like Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci and Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese; or the royal residence designated as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Palace of Versailles. 

The beauty of France is so spectacular that it seeps into everything, even the appearances of the homes. Home gardens and lawn designs are quite beautiful. A memory of my visit to the royal gardens of Louis XV at Trianon I convinced me to start thinking of installing my own artificial grass. Historically, well-kept lawns were a symbol of affluence among the elites of French society, so having one was not simply a matter of home improvement, but of tapping into a long and rich history.

Photo of Eiffel Tower

I decided to upgrade my lawn by installing artificial turf.

I highly recommend hiring a professional service to install your artificial lawn. Grass installation requires specific equipment and expertise to achieve a level and durable lawn. The contractor will start by digging to remove the grass from your existing lawn. Then, they will use a professional turf cutter to prepare the site for the next stage. Installing a commercial grade weed membrane will prevent weeds from growing through the lawn. Some companies install compact stone, as it provides a solid base for the new lawn and adequate drainage as well. Granulated granite is leveled and compacted, allowing for a more stable foundation, and thus a longer-lasting lawn. 

The most important part is the laying of the green grass. It is cut to size, each tile laid closely and joined tightly. This creates seamless coverage. An infill may also be used when laying the grass so that the pattern of the lawn looks real. This is followed by motorized brushing of the infill so the grass can stand upright and look like real grass. Finally, the newly installed artificial grass is washed to remove any site debris, and a final quality check is conducted.

I could not be happier with my new lawn. If it can’t be France, at least I can have my own beautiful garden. NoMow Turf is a professional artificial grass installation company that has saved me so much time and energy. When I look out onto my lawn every morning, I feel like the royal highness of my own Palace of Versailles. If you are interested in transforming yours, you can give NoMow Turf a call today.

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