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To Ride or Not To Ride

To Ride or Not To Ride

Bonjour! It is me again, Pierre.

Today, I am going to get on my soapbox for just a moment and rant about something.

I try…I try so hard to be an environmentally conscious traveler. When I can I walk to see the sites. I only travel on plant powered trains and airplanes that run on biofuel. I always eat locally and I limit my beef intake. I go to great measures to protect this beautiful world that we live in.

So naturally, I have been extremely excited about the rise in popularity of electric vehicles over the past ten years or so. I can get to my site seeing locations much quicker taking a car than walking which allows me to see more wonderful sites and locations on my trips, although it is still nice to walk now and then, especially on a nice warm summer day.

I had run into a pretty significant problem though with my electric vehicle. It all started when I was traveling in Orange County. I was looking for EV chargers to charge my new Tesla Model S. The OC is beautiful and I was having a great time driving around seeing all of the beaches, but my battery started to run low and I had to find a spot to charge. I looked up the closest charging station and it was 15 miles away! This would never do. I had to leave the beach and head back inland to charge my car. It ruined my day as I didn’t have enough time to get ice cream by the pier.

Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now because I was able to help figure out a solution.

That night I was staying in my Airbnb and talking with my lovely host about this issue. They were telling me about some of their friends that were having the same issue with their electric car. There simply were not enough charging stations around and many of the homes didn’t have the proper setup in their garages to charge cars. We didn’t even know who to call to try and resolve the problem. So, we started by looking for an electrician in Orange County and it turns out that some of them install EV chargers right in your home for a pretty reasonable price.

Well, my host was excited because they had been looking for a way to stick out among the other Airbnb listings and their figured having a garage specifically fitted for an electric car would be a big selling point. They called the electrician and they came out the next day and installed everything that was needed. And I was happy because that next night I was able to charge my Telsa and had enough battery to drive all the way down the highway to San Diego and back.

Thanks to that great electrician, myself and others can now be even more environmentally conscious than we were before. Helping our world one little step at a time.

If you’re in Southern California and you are looking to get your garage set up for an electric car, you can check out the guys we used. They did an amazing job!

The Tradesman Electrician
(949) 378-8334

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