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Are People Around the World Becoming Less Dedicated to Love?

It is no secret that the divorce rate in the United States has been steadily climbing for a long time now. On my travels, I like to observe as much as I can to see why this might be the case. What is making people abandon the promise of “til death do us part”? Is the ever increasing polarization of political standpoints? Perhaps the decline in the practice of religion has something to do with that? Perhaps the stress and anxiety that American news always seems to spout is keeping people from ever really feeling happy so everyone ends up blaming their partners for their unhappiness and discomfort. I haven’t spent enough time in the US to really make a determination myself. All that I do know is that France, per usual is doing better at not abandoning such promises. In fact, France is one of the countries with lower divorce rates than a lot of Europe. Yes yes it is true that much less of us decide to get married. Common, this is France, the land of love and lust. It’s hard to think to limit down all your love to only one person. We are just smart enough not kid ourselves by trying marriage out in the first place.

While we have fewer people that get married, the percentage that does has historically had lower amounts of divorce rates until recently. Apparently over the last decade, our divorce rates have gone up by 40%! I suppose this falls in line with the global trend of higher divorce rates. While this number seems alarming, it still keeps France well behind the leaders of divorce around the world. Regardless, France should have the best remedies for this increase in numbers.

A universal constant is that lawyers are expensive. While they are necessary for many things to be solidified in the legal system, no one really likes having to pay their large fees. When a married couple gets divorced, things are no different. The attorney fees from both parties end up amounting to a ton of money. So how can France figure out a solution that will keep it ahead of the rest of the world in the category of being better at figuring things out? Well, what country would have the best remedies for such issues? The ones with the highest divorce rates. The good old US of A. After doing a ton of research into what parts of the United States has the worst divorce rates, I am happy to inform you that Orange County is up among the top. Yes, the one place so many claim to be the most beautiful in the world for both their beaches but also their people can’t seem to keep a marriage going. That’s what they get for making such claims. Everyone knows that France has the most beautiful places and the most beautiful…. structures in the world. Anyways, since they have such high divorce rates, someone has thought up a remedy that circumvents lawyers and their fees. Mediation! For a fee much less than the combined fees of attorneys from both sides of a divorce, you and your soon to be ex can meet with a divorce mediator and work out who gets what and how. Once its all settled, the mediator can file all the paperwork.

Now I have no idea how couples in Orange County that are falling a part can agree to both see the same mediator but I do know that if we have something like that here, our soon be ex’s would be much more open to the idea of using a divorce mediator to ends things cordially. So while I hate to admit that the US does anything better than France, the family law mediators in Orange County seem to know what they are doing. I’m honestly kind of happy that we aren’t the best at it. It would mean we had a problem with marriage as big as the US. PSshhh. Yes we are taking something from another country and using it for our own benefit. Consider it a fraction of the repayment for French Fries US. You are still welcome.

Here’s an example of a divorce mediator that knows what she is doing when it comes to family law mediation. I’m sure all of France would be happy to have her.

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