While Most Places Businesses in France are the Best and Most Beautiful Places in the World, There are Other Places Businesses Worthy of Note

A mountain home is a mounted tome

Sprawling mountains are hard to appreciate through a distracted worldview. When the world is flat, what is a mountain if not a spike or valley in a graph. A honeycomb is not built into a hive by an individualist bee that wants the biggest chunk of honey for itself. Self-interest does not necessarily build monoliths that stand for generations. Amazingly so, it takes a collectivist push to make something monumental. The American opus cries foul pointing to some of the great thinkers and innovators and industrialist titans that brand their names into history books. The oddities stand out and mutation at the micro or macro are what bring about mass change. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about nature is its ability to pull in such randomly moving and needlessly antsy creatures as humans to settle in obscure places. I say obscure because there is nothing truly objective that makes Laguna Beach any more or less beautiful than Davenport or Everest or Beijing. A place is just a place yet humans have such a capacity for comfort and self acknowledging (or self loathing) desire that they assign extremely specific – albeit arbitrary – numerical values to different corners of this vast and beautiful planet. Perhaps just to satiate some need for variety, the mountains have been labeled as particularly desirable by city folk wishing to escape geometrically flush concrete caves. The mountains surrounding Colorado are considered by some humans to be the most beautiful mountains in the United States and historical figures have agreed. Living in Summit County is something like living in the pit of an old opera. The music – like the scenery – rarely changes but that consistency creates a deep and abiding comfort, pulling crowds night after decade after generation. Beautiful homes adorn the region by modern architectural standards. Local fauna may disagree with the aesthetic but perhaps the most praiseworthy characteristic of Summit County is its limited spread. It does not clamor over the top of everything in its path for the sake of industry. Certainly cities displace some of the natural order but one gets the feeling when visiting Keystone CO that the city is a guest in an expansive and brilliant mountainside. It is fortunate that the giant spinning carnival wheel of prizes (prices) landed on a high number for much of Silverthorne and Keystone, lest the mountains would be seen as a nuisance to parking and commerce. It is truly unfortunate that bogs have received such a bad reputation amongst the upright walking apes for they harbor so much more life than coniferous forests. Yet coniferous forests get the nod of national part protection and bogs get the cement truck. While it is still possible to enjoy spacious nature, take the time to visit Summit County.


Fall in love with the place that remembers we are humans living on a gorgeous planet. Sure a mountain scape is just as arbitrary to worship as a salty ocean but regardless of the reason, find the time to exist in a natural space without the pressures of individual achievement. If you are lucky, there may even be a space just for you in a dwelling right in our price range.

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